Aegis System For The Secret World Revealed By Creative Director

secret world issue 9

TSW Aegis System

In his monthly director letter, Joel Bylos, who is The Secret World’s creative director provides some interesting news about the future of The Secret World in the form of the Aegis System.  New content continues to come out for The Secret World, most recently issue #8 Venetian Agenda, and more is on the way.

Bylos discussed not only about the new Tokyo zone coming in The Secret World Issue #9, but also revealed a brand new gameplay system:  The Aegis System!  Although details are vague as of now, Bylos states that the Aegis system “will expand the horizontal progression of The Secret World and provide new mechanics that allow us to build consistent horizontal progression mechanics that will keep content fresh…”

The director’s letter also makes it clear that the next The Secret World content update will be the largest one yet, with new missions, actual voice acting and motion capture, as well as new characters in development.

There is also a really cool graphic comic (pictured above) that provides some intrigue into issue #8 The Venetian Agenda.  Check out the full details at