Age of Wushu Guide

age of wushu fighting system guide Age of Wushu Guide

  • Learn all the fighting moves in Age of Wushu like overt moves, parries, feints, chi and rage moves and when and how to utilize them for the best results.
  • Learn ways to use the fighting system to become unstoppable.
  • Learn the combos and counters you should use for every attack.
  • Learn when and how to use chi and rage attacks for devastating finishers.
  • Learn steps to make the most of your flying and approach skills to file for attacks they won’t see coming.
  • age of wushu fighting school guide Age of Wushu GuideLearn the pros and cons of each Age of Wushu school along with the best one to begin so you can level up fast.
  • Learn the very best schools to start with.
  • Learn the top fighting skills to progress faster through the game.
  • Learn what schools that provide the very best bonuses along with the schools that may hinder your progress.
  • Discover which Age of Wushu schools are best determined by whether you need to play as good or evil.
  • age of wushu progression guide Age of Wushu GuideLearn how to level up fast in Age of Wushu using XP with daily events.
  • Learn how to earn XP with school spying and patrolling.
  • Learn how to boost XP with kidnapping.
  • Learn ways to get the best items with random encounters and instances.
  • Learn how to take part in school raids to get additional XP.
  • Learn the top character labels to have.
  • age of wushu life skills Age of Wushu GuideLearn the top Life Skills in Age of Wushu that you should select when you’re getting started.
  • Get an entire description of every Life skill and just how they work.
  • Discover what each life skill does and the ways to use it effectively.
  • age of wushu currency Age of Wushu GuideLearn how to use the Age of Wushu World Shop to create big profits.
  • Learn how you can use Tael and Silver Coins.
  • Learn the main difference between Tael and Silver coins.
  • Learn how you can trade between players for big profits.
  • Learn the easiest methods to earn currency in Age of Wushu.

Age of Wushu Cultivation Guide

  • age of wushu cultivation guide Age of Wushu GuideLearn the easiest method to cultivate your talents in Age of Wushu.
  • Learn the difference between external and internal skills and WHY you need them both.
  • Learn how to change this Meridian system.
  • Learn the fastest way to advance your skills while using least amount of coins.

Age of Wushu Guru is available for instant download for just $24.95.  Free updates to the guide are included with each download so you will always stay abreast all of the changes to the game.