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If you play DC Universe Online, you absolutely need a good strategy guide.  We have searched online for the best DC Universe Online Guides and only found one DCUO Guide that stands above the rest.  The other DC Universe Online Guides available online just cover the basics of the game, which seems like more a manual.  However, we have found one great DCUO Guide that we have reviewed carefully and have no doubts it will help anyone who is going to play DC Universe Online and looking for a step up on the competition.                                  

Best DC Universe Online Guide: DC Universe Online Secrets $37

Best DCUO Guide

dcuo guide DC Universe Online Guide

DC Universe Online Secrets Guide

DC Universe Online Secrets Guide Features

  • In Depth Walk-throughs of every Mentor Mission from Level 1 to the Top with Updates Frequently.
  • Find out Which DC Universe Online Powers Are Best.
  • Discover Which Weapons Are Most Effective and The Best Way To Utilize Them.
  • How to Build the best group to battle your opponents on the open or close PvP.
  • Eradicate end-game bosses using specific strategies and tips.
  • Learn how to Set each skill point in the appropriate place.
  • 100% Legal Tips so you won’t get banned.
  • Quest chains walk-throughs to level up faster.
  • Eliminate PvP opponents using the world’s best tips.
  • Addresses both platforms, PC or PS3.
  • Discover the best abilities, combos and Super Hero/Villain destruction tricks.
  • Know how to choose the best weapons and items for your villain or hero.
  • FREE Lifetime Updates when new content is released.
  • Instant Download for only $37

DC universe Online secrets DC Universe Online Guide

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Other DC Universe Online Strategy Guide Available

Brady Games’ DC Universe Online Official Strategy Guidebrady games dcuo guide DC Universe Online Guide

Features that are included in Brady Games Official DC Universe Online Guide:

-Weapon Skills: Discover which weapons are appropriate for assorted ranges and combat situations. Find out each weapon’s base abilities and special skills.

-Character Creation: Learn how to create your own superhero or villain and fight alongside your favorite DC characters to avoid wasting or conquer the DC Universe.

-PVP: Tips and tactics for understanding Player versus Player combat.

-Powers: Complete rundown of all the so-called major power categories and their functions. Plus each power’s passive bonuses are included.

-Alerts: Get a quick breakdown of a lot of the game’s first Alerts. Find specific strategies and gain insight on general techniques that work well in all Alerts.

-This guide is available for around $19, the cheapest place to get it is Amazon.com.

One of the downfalls of this DC Universe Online Strategy Guide is that it is not updated for any patches or expansions as it is a physical copy of the guide that was written in January 2011.  This guide to DCUO is also more of a tutorial to the game and doesn’t really provide advanced tips to the game.  Although it would be a great collector’s item for any DC Universe Online fan, I would not recommend it anyone who really wants useful and relevant strategy for DCUO.  You are way better off getting an online guide like DC Universe Online Secrets above as it is constantly updated as the game changes.