Defiance Strategy Guide

Defiance Strategy Guide

Looking for the best Defiance Strategy Guide? Take a look below at the best guide for Defiance. Defiance is a one of a kind MMO game that has drawn a lot of new gamers to the genre.  With its 3rd person shooter roots and MMO play-style, gamers are scrambling to catch up on the latest Defiance strategies and tips to take them to the top of the leaderboards.  That’s why we have searched online for the very best Defiance strategy guides. We have found an excellent guide for Defiance that we highly recommend.  Take a look below at our top rated Defiance Strategy guide’s features and benefits and good luck in the game.

Best Defiance Guide

Defiance Guru Strategy Guide

defiance mmo guideDefiance Guru Guide is a full leveling guide to Defiance and helps you progress quickly through the game without becoming frustrated. It comes with a quick start guide that may help you get straight into the thick of things so you are not left behind. It comes with step by step leveling guide for each and every mission so that you can take advantage of all the weapons and become well equipped on your current mission.

Defiance Guru Strategy Guide Features

*EGO & Perks Guide that provides you with an in-depth analysis of how EGO works and the way the powers work and which best suits your character. Get information on the best Ego Powers to make use of depending on your game style.

*Learn how to level up fast in Defiance by following the simple step-by-step Defiance Mission Guide.

*Boost EGO Rating fast with their EGO Guide.

*Defiance Weapons Guide shows you how to build the most effective weapon loadouts for every situation in the game.

*Discover the best Defiance Builds in order to move through the game quickly and start dominating PvP

*Find out how and where to obtain the best vehicles in Defiance right from the start

*Learn the best and fastest ways to gain massive amounts of Scrip!

*Master magnificent combos making use not only your weapons but your EGO Powers and Perks!

*Beginner’s Guide to Defiance shows you how to get off the a good start.

*Defiance Leveling Guide for every mission so you will learn about all the side missions which will make you level considerably quicker and gives you suggestions about the best path to take so you can gain XP and level fast and increase your EGO rating.

*Defiance Weapons And Mods Guide

*Enemy Guide covers every one of the enemies you will come up against and learn their weaknesses.  Also gives you the most effective strategies and tactics for every enemy.

*Defiance Vehicle Guide lays out all the advantages and disadvantages of each vehicle.

*Pursuits And Boosts Guide tells you which ones to take on that provide you with more leveling benefits.

*Sharpshooter Guide– How to improve your shooting skills

*Free Lifetime Updates

*Instant Access and One Time Fee of $29.95

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Defiance Guru Review

Pros Of Defiance Guru:

Defiance Guru delivers on content that certainly reveals all you need to know about Defiance.  There isn’t any stone unturned with this Defiance game guide so you will be well educated on all missions, weapons, vehicle, boosts, pursuits, etc.  Will this Defiance Leveling Guide help you become an expert in the game? In my opinion yes, however, you have to be a little patient. Just like everything else you will need patience and practice. even though this strategy guide covers a whole lot, you still have to learn it.

Cons of Defiance Guru:

I prefer video guides and although these guides are downloadable, there is really a lot of reading that you will have to do. remember this does not happen over-night. You need to move through each guide and apply what you have learned in the game itself.

The Final Verdict:

Defiance Guru Guide has everything and will most surely be a great help to any gamer who want to get better at Defiance. Although there is really a lot of reading to complete, following each guide will allow you to progress through the action at a faster rate. The best way to find out is to proceed, play the overall game and read simultaneously. Learn from your mistakes. You will also get immediate access and lifetime updates to Defiance and possesses a 2 month money back guarantee. So, on the whole, this Defiance strategy guide is worth every penny spent and should be the first choice for anyone trying to get better at Defiance!

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