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Best Diablo III Strategy Guides

Below you will find the best Diablo 3 Strategy Guides available online.  All of these Diablo III guides below cover everything you need to know about dominating Diablo 3 including leveling your character, generating tons of gold, completing every quest, getting the best gear and more.  If you really want to enjoy Diablo 3, a quality game guide is a must.  Here are our top Guides for Diablo 3:

#1 Rated Diablo III Strategy Guide:  Diablo 3 Secrets

#2 Rated Diablo III Strategy Guide:  Diablo 3 In Depth Class Budget Guides
Now updated for Reaper of Souls Expansion!

#3 Rated Diablo III Strategy Guide: Diablo 3 Speed Guide 

#4 Rated Diablo III Guide:  Diablo 3 War Guide

Don’t be fooled into getting a guide that isn’t worth your hard earned money.  Fortunately, all of the Diablo III guides featured on our site offer a risk free 60 day guarantee, so if you don’t like it you aren’t out any money. Nevertheless, there are some very worthwhile strategy guides available online for Diablo 3.  We’ve spent hours looking at each Diablo III Strategy Guide out there and have rated each guide based on the most important features.

#1 Rated Diablo III Strategy Guide

Diablo 3 Secrets

Diablo 3 Secrets Guide Review

diablo 3 secrets guide

If you’re looking for a guide that has it all, Diablo 3 Secrets has a lot of information in one package.  Peng Joon is well known for creating gaming guides and this is possibly the best Diablo 3 guide available.

If you choose this Diablo 3 guide, there will be around 3 upsales offered.  It’s normal for guides of all genres to offer upsales, it could offer more information in all areas of the game.  If not interested, there will be a link at the bottom to continue without the upsale.

Diablo 3 Secrets is an online forum which allows the guide to be updated and allow easy access.  You will need to register for the login, be patient this may take some time but it was instant registration for me.  Peng Joon’s guides have been the easiest to gain quick access after the purchase.

If you have ever used a Peng Joon guide in the past you know what to expect after logging in.  There are several buttons at the top for class guides, pvp, leveling, gold and RMAH.  On the right you will find links to everything else you could possibly need information on.

Diablo 3 Secrets has some good information about Diablo 3’s real money auction house (RMAH).  This is one thing that sets D3 Secrets apart from the rest.  Others might update RMAH later but Peng Joon already has a lot of information about the normal auction house and the real money auction house offering good strategies to make Diablo 3 gold quickly.

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#2 Rated Diablo III Strategy Guide

Diablo 3 In-Depth Class Budget Guides

Diablo 3 In-Depth Class Budget Guides Features

Each Diablo 3 Class Guide comes with the best builds necessary for you to dominate the game.  Each guide includes more that one build and gear requirements so you can vary your gameplay.  Each guide also include a video guide that shows you how to build the ultimate Diablo 3 class.

  • barbarian guide-Barbarian Class Guide:  This guide will show you how to build your ultimate Barbarian class with just 200K.  The video guide also reveals how to best play the Barbarian.  This also includes an upgrade guide which gives you tips on how to run every MP level with ease.
  • barbarian guide-Witch Doctor Class Guide:  One of the most difficult classes to play as, but this guide shows how you can build your character for less and still be able to dominate.  The video guide included reveals what gear to use for the Witch Doctor.  The  upgrade guide tells you what what your gear needs to be more powerful.
  • witch doctor guide-Demon Hunter Class Guide:  This class guide will explain how to gear up your Demon Hunter to dominate levels for just 150K.  With the video guide you will learn how to inflict more damage, protect yourself, and get the most through your runs.  The upgrade guide that is included outlines what you need to do to your gear to be more powerful.
  • demon hunter guide-Monk Class Guide:  This class guide focuses on how to get the best gear for your Monk at low prices in the Auction House.  Using the video guide, you will learn how to equip your Monk with the best gear for less than 165K.  The Monk upgrade guide will teach you what stats you should have to run through the higher levels.
  • wizard guide-Wizard Class Guide:  Using the Wizard can be lots of fun with the right build. This class guide shows what stats to use regardless of your experience.  Includes a video and upgrade guide that reveals how to take on Inferno without a problem.
  • -Auction House Guide:  Using the auction house to your advantage is key to success in Diablo 3.  This AH guide tells you exactly how to get the best gear at the lowest prices.  It also shows you how you can buy gear at a low price and sell for a profit so you can get more gold fast and even cash.

Each one of these Diablo 3 guides are currently available for instant download for just $10 each.  If you like to play as more than one class, then you can get all of the above guides in a package for just $30.  Not a bad deal if you like variety.

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Now updated for Reaper of Souls Expansion with a full Crusader leveling guide!

#3 Rated Diablo III Strategy Guide

Diablo 3 Speed Guide

Diablo 3 Speed Guide Features

-Power Leveling:  Learn how to reach your level cap in the quickest time possible. You will master every single class, skill and path for each character. You will learn how to unlock every single skill and hold every item beyond the level requirement which is where all the fun is!diablo 3 power leveling guide

-Item Optimization:  Learn how to equip your character with the best gear, where to find them, what to do with it, what the best skill runes are, the best sets and match them well for your character.

-Treasure Map:  My treasure map will show you the best items to win the game fast.  Don’t waste time on grinding the same spots over and over again.  You will know all the sweet spots when it comes to monetizing.

-Optimal Quest Guide:  Pick and choose the right quest for maximum results.  Get all the rewards and watch your character level up like crazy.  We’ve gone through it all and we will show you the way.

-Lifetime Updates:  Don’t Be Affected By Patches.  Most guides do not update their stuff when a new patch comes out. We make sure all the stuff is updated and you don’t have to worry about it ever getting obsolete!

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#4 Rated Diablo 3 Strategy Guide

Diablo 3 War Guide

diablo 3 war guide

-Walk-through of every Diablo 3 class with the best builds, skill trees, optimal gear and everything you need to do to make your Diablo 3 character the best.

-Discover the best and most efficient ways to use your Artisans and Followers for each Diablo 3 class.

-Find out the best and fastest way to level up your Diablo 3 character all the way up to level 60 with exclusive tricks that the experts use.

-Learn how to generate gold in Diablo 3 quickly and easily by using the Diablo 3’s Real Money Auction house to your advantage.

-Know the tricks to paying almost nothing for the items you need in the auction house to take your game to the next level.

-Learn where the best place to go are, who you should be talking to, and what the best artisans you should be training to get access to the most valuable items without breaking your wallet.

-A comprehensive guide to Diablo 3 PvP and Inferno that includes a great end-game prep guide to get your Diablo 3 character ready for the end-game.

-Efficient Account Maintenance – Don’t waste 8 hours a day staring at your account when you can use their weekly action plan to maximize your efficiency.

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They also offer a free mini guide just for visiting!

Hope you found a guide for Diablo 3 that meets your needs in your quest to dominating Diablo 3.  If you aren’t ready to get one of these Diablo III guides yet be sure to go to some of their websites, many offer free Diablo 3 Guide guides just for visiting their sites.