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DotA 2 is officially released and after a two year beta, more players are trying their hand at the popular MOBA.  If you are new to DotA 2 or even if you are a seasoned veteran, following a guide to DotA 2 can be extremely beneficial.  There a few DOTA 2 guides that are available online to help those are playing DOTA 2 be able to master the game and dominate their opponents.  Below are two of the best DOTA 2 guides we have found so far.

#1 Rated DOTA 2 Guide:  DOTA 2 Secrets

#2 Rated DOTA 2 Guide:  DOTA 2 Navigation

 Best DOTA 2 Strategy Guide

DOTA 2 Secrets Guide

DOTA 2 Secrets Guide Features

dota2-secrets-Step by step DOTA 2 Hero Guides for every hero in the game that outline each hero’s strengths and weakness.

-How to play with your team and use them to your advantage.

-DOTA 2 Hero Stat building guide shows how to set your hero’s stats for various situations.

-Lane Guide details which lanes each DOTA 2 hero should shoot for and how to take advantage of them.

-Hero Item Builds Guide for each hero and what path is best for faster leveling and late game situations.

-Insider farming tips that will help you level up faster.

-Ganking guide shows how to put your attacks together and get tons of kills.dota 2 strategy guide

-DOTA 2 Spell Guide details the best time to use your spells to allow for cool down.

-Teaches how to use the environment to your advantage.

-Juking Guide includes tips on how to get away from your enemies using various methods including phantom spots.

-Roshan killing strategy made for any level hero.

-Counter Guide that outlines each hero’s role and how to counter your opponents attacks.

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2nd Best DOTA 2 Guide

Dota 2 Navigation

The First Pro Dota 2 Guide Made By Natus Vincere

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