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Best ESO Strategy Guides

We have searched online for the best Elder Scrolls Online guide and have found some great tips and tricks.  If you want to get the most out of one of the biggest MMOs to hit the market since World of Warcraft, then having access to a quality ESO guide is a must. There is a lot to learn about The Elder Scrolls Online, everything from crafting, leveling strategies, Skyshards, gold making, PvP and endgame.

You could just play around for weeks and try to figure out how all of these new systems work, or you could take advantage of these new Elder Scrolls Online strategy guides below developed by professional gamers who have been playing since the beta.  We have reviewed each guide to ESO below and can safely recommend either one of these great Elder Scrolls Online guides to gamers who want to take their game to the next level.

Best Overall ESO Guide:  ESO Mastery Guides

ESO Mastery Guide

Quick Overview of ESO Mastery Guide

-Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guides

-Skyshards Location Map

-Mundus Stones Location Mapeso mastery guides

-Elder Scrolls Online Crafting Guide

-Elder Scrolls Online Professions Guide

-Bonus Crafting Stations Map

-Crafting Motif Books Locations Map

-ESO Character Builds Guide

-Tanking Builds, Healing Builds, and DPS Builds Guide

-Skill Rotations Guide

-Elder Scrolls Online PvP Guide

-ESO Gold Making Guide

-Gold Farming Map

-Written By Pro Gamers

-Constantly Updated

-Instant Access Online

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Features of ESO Mastery Guides

 ESO Leveling Guides

nightblade leveling guideThis section gives an very detailed step by step description of leveling paths for every Elder Scrolls Online class.  They claim to be able to level up and ESO class in 4 days, that’s pretty fast.  I took me a little longer than that, but it save me a lot of time and frustration trying to figure it out on my own.

In order to level up faster, the guide has a lot of great Dungeon maps along with detailed Dungeon walkthroughs.  My favorite part of this ESO leveling guide is that these maps show all the Skyshards locations, where all the Mundus Stones are, and where to find the most valuable items are.  This was something I couldn’t find anywhere else online.

Elder Scrolls Online Crafting Guide

elder scrolls online crafting guideOne of the most challenging aspects of ESO is the crafting system.  I had no problem figuring out how to craft in The Elder Scrolls Online because this guide showed me step by step how to master everyone of the ESO’s Professions.  The easy to follow maps provided me with the best places and routes to follow in order to gather all of the materials I needed to craft everything in the game.
This ESO crafting guide also included a map of where all the special set piece Bonus Crafting Stations and Crafting Motif Books were located so I didn’t have to spend hours looking around Tamriel.

ESO Character Builds Guide

eso_heavy_armor_skillsThere are so many different character build combination in The Elder Scrolls Online that it becomes very overwhelming at times.  ESO Mastery Guides includes a very thorough character builds guide that outlines the best Tanking builds, Best Healing Builds, and DPS Builds for every single ESO class.  It also includes the best Skill Rotations you should use in the game specifically for each character build.
Another reason I love this ESO guide is that if shows what PvP Builds are best for every class and playstyle.  There are also tips on how to play against other players and how to counter your opponents builds in PvP.

Elder Scrolls Online Gold Making Guide

eso gold guideMoney talks in MMO games and ESO is no exception.  This ESO gold guide showed me some great strategies and tips on how to make more gold so I could buy what I wanted.  There are also some great tips on how to use your Crafting Profession to make more gold.  The best part of this gold guide is the map that shows the best locations to farm for loot.

There is a lot more to Elder Scrolls Online Mastery Guides than just this.  Check out the full guide to ESO by clicking below and good luck in Tamriel!

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More Elder Scrolls Online Guides

Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide

This guide doesn’t have a flashy name or slogan, but it serves its purpose.  Here’s a quick overview of what this ESO guide includes:

ESO Leveling Guide

This guide includes strategies and tips to help you level up any class in The Elder Scrolls Online faster.  You will learn exactly where the best questing areas are and how to get more experience points.  This guide is absolutely spoiler proof, it will not take the fun out of the game while it lays out the best leveling path for your chosen class.

ESO Gold Making Guide

This section of the guide reveals a plethora of ways to earn more gold without having to grind through mobs of enemies or go on long crafting hunts gathering resources for hours.

Skyshards Guide

If you want to have a powerful character in The Elder Scrolls Online, you will need to find Skyshards.  This guide will show you the exact locations of every Skyshards in ESO.

ESO Class Guide

Using this class guide will show you the best way to use each class in the Elder Scrolls Online.  It provides tips on how to build the most unique and interesting character builds that will amaze the competition such as a tanking sorcerer.  There are also some excellent class building tools that makes it every easy to build the best ESO character.

ESO PvP & Endgame Guide

Following this guide will show you how PvP works in ESO and provides tips on how you can take on the competition and dominate Cyrodiil.

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