Final Fantasy XIV Game Update 2.1 Introduces Daily Quests & More!

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FFXIV Content Update

Big changes will be coming to Final Fantasy XIV in the near future.  This according to FFXIV Executive Producer Naoki Yoshida who revealed a number of changes will be coming in the next game update 2.1.  In a forum post on the official Square Enix site, Yoshida says that the first game update will be “fairly substantial”.

What does that mean for you FFXIV players?  It means good things to keep you busy.  Game Update 2.1 will include a number of new activities most notably daily quests to complete.  There will also be treasure hunts to embark on to earn find new and valuable loot.  The new FFXIV game update will also introduce new dungeons and primal battles to test your skills including the return of the Good King Moggle Mog.

In terms of new features being introduced to Final Fantasy XIV, the next game update will include the new character salon which will allow more character customization.  You will also find some changes on how to give player feedback and search for a party to play with.

There is a lot more that is coming in this “substantial” update to Final Fantasy XIV, so check out the posts below for more information.

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Now that the server stability issues have settled down, Square Enix is preparing to start rolling out its promised regular updates for Final Fantasy.

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Yoshida also touched on the upcoming 2.1 update, which will add two hard mode dungeons, player housing for all three city states, the Wolves Den PvP Arena, daily quests, and more. You can read more on Yoshida’s letter at 

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FFXIV Getting Vote Kick In A Future Update. October 1, 2013 | Posted An MVP feature will make its way into the game in 2.1, allowing players to vote on a player they thought had a great attitude in Duty Finder. While this might help address 

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