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Best League of Legends Guides

If you are looking for a League of Legends Strategy Guide, you came to the right place.  We have reviewed all of the LoL guides available online and narrowed it down to the following guides below.  Read more about each guide by going to their website to see exactly what you are getting into.

#1 Rated LoL Guide:  Ciderhelm’s Learn The League Guide $19 Lifetime Access

#2 Rated LoL Guide:  Summoner School  $67 Lifetime Access (FREE Course Below)

Best League of Legends Builder App:  LoLBuilder  $4.95 Monthly Access

Best League of Legends Strategy Guide

Ciderhelm’s Learn The League Guide To LoL

Features of Learn The League

ciderhelms learn the league-Beginner Guide to LoL that includes how to set up your account, download the game, what runes and masteries are, and how the matchmaking system works.

-New Player Guide includes how to use Riot Points in LoL, basic champion concepts, and how the game mechanics work.

-Champion Roles Guide provides a intro to all of the primary and secondary roles in League of Legends along with suggested champions to play with.

-The Meta guide with a list of what champion types you can play in each area in the game and why.

-Quickcasting (Smartcast) Guide shows you how to use it to your advantage.

lol movies-Ranked Matches and Draft Pick Guide provides strategy for the metagame and how your Matchmaking Rating effects your ranking.

-Advanced League Guide covers the basics of game balance, map control, and champion traits and how to master them all.

-League of Legends Tactics Guide reveals the best strategies for movement and positioning.  Strategies such as the best way to use feints, juke tactics, and using your surroundings to dominate the game.  Also includes how to create ambushes and position your team to win more.

lol maps-Team Compositions & Grand Strategy Guide includes how to form the best teams and tournament strategies.

-Tips and Advanced strategies for every aspectof the game like lane extension, objectives, and what decisions to make during the game.

-Map Vision Guide shows the best places and best ways to use the vision tools.

-Jungling and Ganking Guide includes how to not only use jungling effectively, but also to counter the attacks.

-Summoner’s Rift Guide reveals how each map system works and how to use cool mechanics to your advantage.

lol guide on tablet-LoL Stats guide lays out every champions’ stats and how they all interact with each other.

-Summoners Spell Guide details each and every spell in the League of Legends and the best time and way to use them.

-FREE updates for every patch for life along with a 60 day money back guarantee.

-Works on PC, iPad, Android, or Mac for accessibility anywhere and anytime.

-Includes written, colorful illustrated and video guides!

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 #2 Rated League of Legends Guide

League of Legends Summoner School

Here are just a few of the things you will learn with this League of Legends guide:

-How to Deal with the 4 Players on Your Teamsummoner-school-cover_opt

-How to shut down the enemy opponent and get fed

-How to gank enemies from mid and get a kill

-How to ward any where on the map

-A hidden secret to locate enemy wards

-The best items for each role

-How to carry your team with a support champion

-1 simple trick to claim almost every buff, dragon, and baron

-Access the quick guide to counter-jungle

-13 rules for eagle-eye map awareness

-How to last hit minions

-How to counter the enemy with items

-11 rules for item awareness

-What abilities you should level

-15 secrets to harass the enemy

-How to hit skill shots and dodge skill shots

-A cheat-sheet to zone the enemy

-How to get kills and keep your team alive when tower diving

-How to get kills when you gank

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LoL Guide and Strategy

Lol Builder App

This app allows players to get the best League of Legends builds and item sets.  Check out the video below to learn more about this priceless LoL app.

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