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Minecraft is not easy if you are just starting.  A lot of people get frustrated with Minecraft mainly because they just don’t understand how the game works.  That is why you need to follow a good Minecraft guide if you want to get the most fun out of this great game. We have searched online for the best Minecraft guides that will help anyone struggling with the game.

Best Minecraft Beginner Guide:  Beginner Guide to Minecraft: Minecraft Secrets

Best Minecraft Beginner Guide

Minecraft Secrets

minecraft beginner guide

Minecraft Secrets Features

  • Learn everything about crafting, smelting, craft table, and furnaces.minecraft-secrets guide
  • Mineral guides show you what each mineral is good for and when you should use them.
  • Farming guide included makes gathering materials needed for your projects fast and easy.
  • How to get to the Nether World and more importantly how to get out of the Nether World.
  • Everything you need to know about each type of mob (aggressive, passive, and neutral).
  • How to survive each type of mob and keep your items safe when they attack your fortress.
  • How to install the different mods, texture packs, and skin.
  • Written in an easy and straightforward way for beginners to understand with pictures to make sense of it all.

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