Neverwinter Collections System: Keep Track Of Your Loot

Neverwinter Collections System

The next big Neverwinter patch will introduce a new collections system to help players keep track of all of their loot they find in their adventures.  The Collections System coming in Neverwinter Module 2:  Shadowmantle will allow players to also show players where they need to go to find the loot they need to complete certain collections.
Not only will the new Neverwinter collections system tell you where to get your most wanted loot, it will also point out which companions and artifacts you should be looking for as well.  If you into rewards, which we all are, this new collection system will tell you what zone rewards you can earn too.
Worried about carrying too many items just to complete a collection?  This new collections system will take care of that too.  As soon as you find an item it will be added to your collection immediately.  This new interface will definitely make it easier to keep track of your loot and what you need to get to unlock collection rewards.
The new Neverwinter Collection System will be introduced in the upcoming patch, Module 2: Shadowmantle.  This next patch will also bring new Artifacts, Paragon Paths, along with the new Dread Ring Campaign.  Last but not least, Shadowmantle will bring the latest Neverwinter class, the Ranger.
So let’s say you’re one of those players who really, really enjoys keeping track of every single aspect of your adventuring from loot types to dungeons conquered. Well, in an upcoming Neverwinter patch called Module 2: Shadowmantle, you’ll have the …More at Neverwinter details its upcoming Collections System – Joystiq