Neverwinter Tymora’s Gift Preview

Once again impressed by the courage and bravery shown by the adventurers of Neverwinter, the goddess of luck and good fortune, Tymora, has decided to bless their endeavors by bestowing unto them a manifestation of her kindness and good will. The Gift of Tymora event is returning to Neverwinter! Gift of Tymora Begins:February 12th 10AM […]

Event Preview: Siege of Neverwinter

The Cult of the Dragon has amassed their forces once more to lay siege to the city of Neverwinter! Adventurers must once again rally behind the valiant General Sabine in order to push back the Cult and their Draconic Allies! Siege of Neverwinter Begins:January 15th 10AM PST (When is this for you?) Siege of Neverwinter […]

The Winter Festival of Simril Has Begun!

Nestled within the rolling slopes of Starmetal Hill, the quaint mountain village of Twilight Tor is blessed with a crystal-clear view of the heavens each night. These clear nights draw in all manner of astrologers, diviners, and stargazers. The village has gained a reputation as one of the best places to appreciate the stars, which […]