New RIFT Mage Soul Arbiter Revealed For RIFT 2.7 Update

Tanking RIFT Mage Soul!

rift arbiter soul

New details emerged earlier this week regarding the new Rift Arbiter Mage Soul on the official RIFT website.  The new soul will definitely a tanking Mage that will feature water and air spells to fight through the competition.  Here is how Trion describes the new RIFT Arbiter Soul:

rift arbiter gameplayArbiters are mages who have studied spells of invulnerability to perfect the art of magical damage mitigation. Armed with the powers of Water and Air, they taunt and torment enemies with storms and brush off their attacks with shields of ice. Don’t be fooled by the cloth and wand – these mages stand toe-to-toe with Riftstalkers, Paladins, and Justicars on the front lines of battle.

Source:  Official Rift Website

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RIFT posted its official reveal of the Arbiter this week. The new soul is a tanking Mage who shields herself with magic rather than thick metal; she uses primarily water and air spells to weave shields, taunt enemies, and fry the opposition. Trion

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Thanks to some early datamining regarding the new souls coming in RIFT 3.0, curious players have seen hints about how Trion will bring Mage (Arbiter) tanks, Warrior …

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&feature=youtube_gdata_player" target="_blank">Rift Arbiter Mage Tank - New Soul Leaked for 3.0
Here is a look at the abilities of the upcoming Mage Tank Soul Arbiter in 3.0.

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