Dive Into Rift Summerfest!

Summerfest Hits RIFT Again!

Get ready to put your trunks on in RIFT next week, swim trunks that is.  To celebrate the summer season, Rift players will be able to participate in a variety of different event and get some new rewards to help stay cool. Here’s a rundown of what to expect starting July 25th.

  • RIFT SUMMERFESTNew Rift Store Items:  Get your swimsuits and trunks to show off your body.  Oh, and maybe get a new avian companion named Sunset while you are there.
  • The Exuvia of Khargroth Zone Event
  • Telara Scavenger Hunts:   Explore areas you’ve never been before in search for items.
  • Special Nodes:  Complete quests to earn new titles, a Friendship Bracelet, and Merit Badges.
  • Rare Companions:  11 unique companions return to all zone of Mathosia for you to try to wrangle.
  • Free RIFT Credits:  Login and have a chance to win between 25 and 75 Rift Credits.

So, mark your calendar, find your swimsuit, and dive into RIFT Summerquest next week!


Source:  Rift Community Site