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We have scoured the internet looking for the best SWTOR strategy guides.  Everyone learns differently, some like videos and some prefer to read the information.  Make sure you look at each SWTOR guide before deciding which one will work for you best.  If you are serious about leveling up in SWTOR you can’t be without one of these SWTOR strategy guides.  May the force be with you!

#1 Rated Guide to SWTOR:  SWTOR Saviour Video Guide

Just Updated for The Rise of the Hutt Cartel Expansion

#2 Rated Guide to SWTOR:  ZHAF SWTOR Guides 

#3 Rated Guide to SWTOR:  SWTOR Secrets Guide

#1 Rated Guide to SWTOR

SWTOR Saviour Guide

 SWTOR Saviour Guide Features

  • -Super Fast SWTOR Leveling Guideswtor saviour book
  • -Both Factions – All Classes!
  • -Power Leveling Guide
  • -In Depth SWTOR Credit Guide
  • -Killer Leveling Builds
  • -Professions Guides
  • -Best SWTOR PVP Builds
  • -Best Gear And Items Rotations To Go With Builds
  • -Detailed Instructions
  • SWTOR Savior Forum
  • -No Hacks Or Cheats
  • -Free Updates
  • -Healing, Tanking & DPS Guides
  • -Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • -Instant Access for Just $29.99

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More About SWTOR Saviour Guide

  • Very Fast SWTOR Leveling Guide:  SWTOR Saviour provides you with a lot more than simply a leveling guide. This is a comprehensive SWTOR leveling guide for every class from both factions.
  • Power Leveling Guide:  In order to participate in flashpoints, warzones, and hardmode, you have to get to the end game content.  This is where this guide to SWTOR excels in providing the fastest route to the level cap so you can enjoy the endgame content.
  • Detailed SWTOR Credit Guide:  SWTOR Saviour comes with a comprehensive SWTOR credit guide. Once you start your alt and you don’t feel like grinding to get all of your gear again they reveal the fastest way to get enough credits to get anything you need for your alt.
  • Dominant SWTOR Leveling Builds:  This SWTOR leveling guide provides a complete set of PVE builds for every classes so you can level up fast with your desired class.
  • Guide to SWTOR Professions:  Learn the best ways to use all of the professions for every SWTOR class regardless of which one you choose.
  • Most Effective SWTOR PVP Builds:  SWTOR Saviour presents great tips so you can rule the warzones and PVP with their perfect SWTOR PVP builds.
  • Greatest SWTOR Gear & Items Guide:  Find out how to get the most wanted gear in SWTOR with their Gear and Item guide.
  • Rotations To Complement Builds:  Learn how to use your build to their potential with the SWTOR Saviour rotation and build guide.
  • Step by Step Walk-Through for Star Wars:  The Old Republic:  Helpful waypoints come with the leveling guides, as well as fully illustrated maps and an exclusive community forum for support at anytime you need it.
  • 100% Legit Strategies:  Don’t worry about getting banned or hacks as their tactic contain no cheats or hacks.
  • Updates Free for Life:  SWTOR Saviour provides you with free updates anytime their is a patch or expansion to the game.
  • SWTOR DPS, Healing, and Tanking Guides:  Learn how to develop into a strong healer or a Tank that is able to support your team.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee:  They stand behind their guide with a no questions asked, full satisfaction refund policy.

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#2 Rated Guide to SWTOR


ZHAF SWTOR Guide Features

  • -Beginners Guidezhaf_swtor_guide
  • -User Interface Guide
  • -Game Mechanics Guide
  • -Abilities & Skills Guide
  • SWTOR Leveling Guide
  • -Step by Step Questing Path
  • -Power Leveling
  • -Detailed Maps and Images
  • -Galactic Trade Network Guide
  • -Crafting Strategies
  • -Lvl 55 Credit Earning Quests
  • -Crew Skills Guide
  • -All Eight Classes Covered
  • -Optimal Leveling Builds
  • -Best SWTOR PvP Builds
  • -Ideal Flashpoint Builds
  • -Instant Access Starting at $27

ZHAF SWTOR Beginner Guides

  • Newbies Guide:  They have designed an extensive guide for beginners that addresses every little thing you must know about Star Wars: The Old Republic before diving into the game. It includes every key facets of SWTOR.
  • SWTOR UI Guide:  Virtually every feature of SWTOR’s user interface is easy to customize and may be individualized. This SWTOR UI guide handles all areas of the SWTOR user interface and UI customization in order to fine-tune them to get an edge.
  • Game Mechanics Guide:  SWTOR is a huge MMO game that includes several game mechanics that many gamers usually take several weeks, or even a few months, of trying to play before they learn and grasp them all. By utilizing this guide you will be cutting out months of trial and error therefore giving you an incredible edge on your opponents.
  • SWTOR Skills and Abilities Guide:  Each individual SWTOR class has loads of abilities and skills that can be very overwhelming at first. This part of the SWTOR guide explains which abilities and skills are best for your chosen class.

ZHAF SWTOR Leveling Guides

  • Features of SWTOR Leveling Guide:  Zhaf’s SWTOR Leveling Guide includes an Optimized Questing Path spelled out in a easy to follow format coupled with NPC locations, In depth Directions, Maps, and Visuals. This guarantees that you never squander your time looking for something making it possible for you to level up much faster.
  • Detailed Questing Path Through SWTOR:  There are tons of Quests that come up all the time in SWTOR. This can be very confusing for anyone. Along the way you will most likely skip a lot of important quests and opportunity to gain experience. Zhaf’s SWTOR guide has a straightforward questing path which is presented in step-by-step format.
  • Star Wars The Old Republic Power Leveling Guide:  Zhaf includes an optimized Questing Path that gives you the speediest leveling time possible. They arranged quests alongside one another according to locations, destinations, and quest NPCs. This will save you a lot of time therefore letting you level up much faster. The quest walk-throughs are also accompanied by pictures, maps and thorough directions so you won’t have any trouble finding secret items or quest targets.
  • Full Color Maps and Images:  Their extensive maps cover every single area of SWTOR coupled with illustrations and pictures of every NPC locations, which means will be able to level up much faster.

SWTOR Credit Guides

  • Galactic Trade Network Guide:  Efficient utilization of the GTN is truly one of the easiest ways to acquire tons of credits regardless of level. This guide reveals the secret strategies that the pros use to make millions of credits.
  • SWTOR Crafting Strategy Guide:  Crafting items should be an extremely lucrative source of SWTOR credits. These crafting strategies will disclose the exact crafting skills to obtain and the best way to generate plenty of credits crafting different items.
  • Credit Earning Quests for Lvl 50:  Daily quests are a great way to extent the fun after level 50. Doing these quests gives a character commendations to acquire higher-level gear, credits and the chance to attain affection with crew members. You will learn exactly how to meet the requirements to access these extra quests and make it easier to finish them much faster than anyone else.
  • SWTOR Crew Skills Guide:  Crew skills at the higher levels enables you to obtain the greatest gear, armour, and weapons in SWTOR and generate tons of credits.  This guide will show you how to level up any crew skill quick.

Zhaf SWTOR Class Guides

  • SWTOR Class Strategies:  Complete class guides for each and every SWTOR Class, including Sith Warrior, Smuggler, Sith Inqisitor, Trooper, Jedi Consular, Imperial Agent, Jedi Knight, Bounty Hunter. These SWTOR class guides include every little thing you should know before diving into the game.
  • Optimum SWTOR Leveling Builds:  Learn which build is the most effective for your chosen race and class. Besides getting the most effective leveling path you will also be able to get the most optimized build for your class.
  • Most effective SWTOR PvP Builds:  There are a great number of different specs to pick from, so know which ones are best is key to success in PvP. Zhaf’s SWTOR guide includes great recommendations and tricks so you can get the best SWTOR PvP builds.
  • Best SWTOR Flashpoint Builds:  SWTOR Flashpoints are like raids found in other MMO games, in which you join others and tackle dangerous missions. These SWTOR class guides will show you how to get ready for Flashpoints and present you with the best builds for these missions.

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#3 Rated SWTOR Guide

SWTOR Secrets Guide

 SWTOR Secrets Guide Features

  • -All Factions Coveredswtor secrets guide
  • -Light Speed SWTOR Power Leveling
  • -Detailed PvE Builds
  • -Awesome SWTOR PvP Builds
  • -Perfecting Abilities & Talents
  • -Pimped Out Gears
  • -Healing & Tanking Guides
  • -Round the Clock Support
  • -Top of the Range QualityStep-by-Step Visuals
  • -The Latest and the Greatest
  • -Constant Updates
  • -No Hacks or Cheats, 100% Legit!
  • -Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!
  • -Download All For $47

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SWTOR Secrets Guide Review

  • Every SWTOR Faction Included:  SWTOR Secrets Guide is a detailed guide that addresses both factions and gives thorough information with no filler rubbish. Regardless of what SWTOR character you play as, this guide to SWTOR has everything you need to know.
  • Super Fast SWTOR Power Leveling:  Proven methods created by professional gamers, these SWTOR leveling builds and rotations are some of the best I have seen online.
  • Comprehensive SWTOR PvE Builds:  SWTOR Secrets gives you excellent SWTOR builds and rotations which can make you just about unstoppable and take you to the pinnacle of the DPS/HPS meter.
  • Amazing SWTOR PvP Builds:  If your are tired of getting your butt handed to you in Warzones, then you need to check out these SWTOR PvP Builds.  SWTOR Secrets Guide includes very in-depth PvP build for every level.
  • Abilities & Talents Guide:  It’s not hard to get overwhelmed with all the different combinations you can make with all the abilities and talents in SWTOR. With SWTOR Secrets Guide’s step by step walkthroughs, you will know exactly where the best place to put your hard earned talent points at every level.
  • SWTOR Gear Optimization Tips:  There are hundreds of different gears and ways to optimize you gear in SWTOR. Know how to optimize you gear is crucial to your success. SWTOR Secrets has some great tips and guidelines on which items possess the best stats.  This SWTOR guide also shows you which items work best for each individual class.
  • Strategy for Healing and Tanking:  You also learn how to get the most powerful builds and rotations for your SWTOR character for every type of game type, including Operations, Groups, and Flashpoints.
  • Top Notch Customer Support:  Anytime you get stuck in SWTOR, you can email SWTOR Secrets guide and they will get back to you as quick as possible. If you can’t find it in the guide, they will give you the answer.
  • High Quality Content:  Some SWTOR guides online are filled with links to other sites that you have to go to and search for what you are looking for. SWTOR Secrets guide is organized in such a way that everything is at your fingertips in an easy to follow way with no fluff.
  • Visuals Lead the Way:  A lot of guides we reviewed were filled with mostly words, which really makes it hard to follow.  This SWTOR guide includes great photos and screenshots that help you understand what you need to do next.
  • Frequent Updates:  SWTOR Secrets guide is constantly updated and revised to reflect the latest changes to the game.  MMOs change all the time, and it is imperative that you have a guide that stays abreast of the latest patches, expansions, and hotfixes so you aren’t left behind.
  • All Legal SWTOR Strategies:  The strategy in this SWTOR guide are 100% legit.  The tactics used will not get you banned or hacked.  You won’t have to worry about getting your SWTOR account suspended because you cheated.
  • Guaranteed Results:  SWTOR Secrets comes with a 60 Day money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the guide, just ask for your money back. So its worth a try isn’t it.

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Other SWTOR Guides Available Online

 Gavs SWTOR Leveling Guides

GavsGuide SWTOR Guide Features

  • Optimized Leveling Path gavs swtor guide
  • Step-by-step layout Icon guide
  • Maps
  • Images
  • Videos Mission Guide
  • Alignment Guide
  • Companion Affection Guide
  • Advanced Class Guide
  • Heroics Guide Gear Guide
  • Datacrons Guide
  • Companions Guide
  • Instant Access for $29.95

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Features of Gavs SWTOR Leveling Guide
  • Gavs SWTOR Guide gives you a leveling path through Star Wars The Old Republic that will help get you through the game the fastest way possible.
  • In depth & extensive content presented in a step-by-step format that is organized into easy to understand sections.
  • Simple to follow guide using Icons, Images, Maps, and Videos so you can fully understand the strategies.
  • Thorough tips and tricks on every single Mission in SWTOR and the best way to complete them and when you should complete them for maximum leveling speed.
  • Learn the best way to optimize your Alignment Gains especially at the higher levels.
  • Gavs companion guide provides all the conversation options possible in SWTOR and which ones will give you the most Affection points so you can level faster.
  • Discover how you can utilize your Advanced SWTOR Class efficiently to boost your total leveling time.
  • Find out which Heroics can and cannot be solo’d by your chosen class. You will also learn the fastest ways to complete all the Heroics in SWTOR.
  • Discover the best ways to gear up your character in the most efficient manner and learn how to spend your SWTOR credits wisely so you are wasting them.
  • Gavs SWTOR guide also reveals exactly where all the Datacrons are and when you should find them.  They also use detailed videos to show you how to collect the Datacrons.
  • SWTOR companion guide explains who all the companions are and the best way to take advantage of them.

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