SWTOR Refer-A-Friend Program Gives Cartel Coins and Pets


Get SWTOR Rewards For Referring Friends

koltob-speederSWTOR refer-a-friend program is a great new way to earn cartel coins and get new battle droid pets.  So, if you need some extra Cartel Coins or new pets, read on.  Here’s how this awesome new SWTOR referral program works.

If you are an SWTOR subscriber you’ll need to get your referral link and send it to your friends.  To encourage them a little bit, they will be getting a SWTOR Jumpstart Bundle to help them level up faster and be allowed to level all the way to level 50.  The SWTOR Jumpstart Bundle will include a extra Inventory Module, a Quick Travel Pass, and 5 Minor XP Boosts.

swtor battle droid petIf your friend has already been a subscriber and you invite them to return to SWTOR, they will get a 7 day subscription, a free Character Transfer, and special unlocks via the Preferred Friends Bundle.  The Preferred Friends Bundle will unlock a crew skill slot and an inventory module for returning SWTOR players along with some customization controls.

This new SWTOR refer-a-friend program will surely draw more players into the game, so take it easy on the noobs!Best of all if you refer a friend to be a SWTOR subscriber you will earn 500 Cartel Coins and if they continue being a subscriber you will get an extra 100 Cartel Coins deposited into your account for every month.  SWTOR referrers will also get access to special Battle Droid pets and the Kurtob Alliance Speeder to cruise around in.

Source: SWTOR Official Site