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We have carefully reviewed each TERA guide online and have decided on the best TERA Guide for players to use to help them dominate the game .  TERA MMORPG is one of the most popular games online right now and everyone is trying to be the best on their server.  However, TERA can be a very difficult MMO if you don’t know what you are doing right from the beginning.  That is why in order to level up fast in TERA, you need to have a quality TERA guide.

Below you will see what makes each TERA strategy guide unique and how it can help you improve your game. Make sure you visit each guides’ website to learn more and see for yourself what you are getting.  Yes, these are paid guides, but they offer a lot more than those free TERA guides online.  Both of these guides are developed by pro gamers and reveal great TERA power leveling tips that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.  We highly recommended both TERA strategy guides and have used both of them personally and they have been extremely useful and made playing TERA a blast!  So, take a look below at our top rated TERA Guides:

#1 Rated TERA Guide: Eleos TERA Guide

#2 Rated TERA Guide: Argon TERA Guide

#1 Rated TERA Guide

Eleos TERA Guide

Eleos TERA Guide Features

-This is more than a TERA manual, this has some of the most detailed tips and strategy we found.

-Complete detailed TERA power leveling guide from 1-60 for every TERA class and the quickest route through the game.

-TERA Mystic Guide

-TERA Sorcerer Guidetere leveling guide

-TERA Alchemy Guide

-TERA Glyph Guide

-Skill Guide for every TERA class!

-TERA Enchanting Guide

-TERA Crafting Guide shows how to make the most effective weapons and armor!

-Comprehensive TERA PVP Guide for all classes and how to dominate the battlegrounds.

T-ERA Dungeon Guide reveals how to level up fast and find the best drops!

-Priest TERA guide

-Archer Leveling Guide

-Berserker Leveling Guide

-Lancer Leveling Guide

-Priest Leveling Guide

-Slayer Leveling Guide

-TERA Reputation Guide

-Warrior TERA guide

-End Game Content Guide explains the best way to defeat the biggest BAM’s, dungeons and more.

-Maps & Waypoints scattered throughout the guide indicate exactly where to go in TERA.

-Free Updates for life!

-Full Access to Eleos TERA Guide is available for $34.99.

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#2 Rated TERA Guide

Argon TERA Guide

tera argon guide

Argon TERA Guide Features

-Detailed TERA leveling guides includes all TERA classes and gives in-depth specifics.

-Archer Leveling Guide

-Berserker Leveling Guide

-Lancer Leveling Guide

-Mystic Leveling Guide

-Priest Leveling Guide

-Slayer Leveling Guide

-Sorcerer Leveling Guide

-Warrior Leveling Guide

-Fast TERA Power Leveling Guide for each class with easy to understand leveling builds and rotations that will level your TERA character up fast.

-Detailed TERA PvE BuildsPerfect builds and rotations are laid out which will make your character unstoppable.

-Magnificent TERA PvP BuildsVery detailed and effective builds to help you dominate PvP.

-Great SupportThey have a great system to help you out if you get stuck 24 hours a day.

-TERA Gear Guide-Breakdown of all the gears and optimizations so you know which ones have the best stats and are best for every TERA class.

-Step-by-Step VisualsGreat images and illustrations help explain everything in the guide.

-Constant Free UpdatesArgon TERA Guide is updated whenever there are patches, hotfixes, or expansions.

-Hack and Cheat FreeThe techniques in this TERA guide will not get you banned, they are 100% legit.

-Instant Access for $47

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A Review of the Argon TERA Guide for TERA Power Leveling

Pro gamers Tony Sanders and Mike Kim have turned their expertise to writing the Argon TERA Guide, one of the leading guides to TERA power leveling that’s available today, you can benefit from their insight. They are highly experienced in power leveling and understand the underlying structure of – now you can use the powerful techniques that they’ve uncovered to boost your own hero to level 60 in the new TERA MMORPG.

Buying a high quality leveling guide like the Argon TERA Guide is a great way to send your character hurtling up the level ladder, skimming past the boring lower levels in a matter of hours and reaching the exalted levels where the meat of the game is to be found. Rather than needing to study everything out yourself by trial and error, you can benefit from someone else’s efforts, and skip right to the results without the weeks or months of experimentation.

The Argon TERA Guide shows the authors’ intimate, professional level knowledge of the TERA game at every step. I was skeptical at first, too, but after looking closely at the guide and trying it out, I could see just how effective it is. And with twenty-four hour a day support and continual updates to keep you at the cutting edge of TERA power leveling regardless of the in-game hotfixes, patches, and expansions, you needn’t fear falling behind as the game evolves.

Equally crucial are the Argon TERA Guide’s focus on finely honed techniques that are 100% legal, with no use of hacking or cheating, and thoroughgoing advice on builds that will turn each class into a juggernaut in either PvE or PvP, all supported by step by step visual aids that clearly and quickly convey exactly what you should be doing at each stage of the leveling process.

The Argon TERA Guide is highly recommended for anyone who wants to avoid the expensive, risky business of hiring power leveling services to max out their TERA characters, take the initiative themselves, and reach level 60 in TERA in a matter of a few highly satisfying days!

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