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One of the best ways to level up in Wildstar is to use a leveling addon.  With the huge number of quests and paths your character can take in Wildstar Online, getting to the level cap can be very overwhelming.  Luckily there are some great Wildstar addons available to make leveling much faster.  Here are our picks for the best Wildstar Leveling addons.

#1 Rated Wildstar Addon:  Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon

Best Wildstar Addon

Beastly’s Wildstar Leveling Addon

beastly wildstar leveling addonThis In-Game Wildstar Leveling Guide AddOn is developed by a team of pro gamers that have played Wildstar since the beta and have worked hard on discovering the fastest questing path through the game.  Here are some of the benefits of Beastly Wildstar leveling addons:

Speed Leveling:  Beastly’s addon is designed so you don’t have to grind for hours in order to level up.  The goal of this Wildstar addon is to get you right to the endgame so you can start raiding and participating in the exciting PvP modes.

Keys To Leveling Incorporated:  The Beastly Wildstar Addon is developed on 4 key principles for speed leveling:  Knowing what quests to do, knowing the fastest way to do the quests, knowing where to go, and knowing the best way to complete each quest.

beastly wildstar addon interfaceSimple User Interface:  The very neat looking in game navigation and mob tracking tools will let you know what to do right on the screen so you aren’t flipping through a guide or looking all over the internet for guides.

Safe and Legal:  Beastly Wildstar addon is totally compliant with all terms of services so you will not get banned and are hack free.

Fast Customer Support: If you get stuck in Wildstar on any quests or have problems with their addon, they are very quick to respond and resolve the issues.

Free Lifetime Updates:  Beastly’s leveling addon will be updated frequently anytime their is a patch or content update.

Free Level 1-10 Trial:  It doesn’t hurt to give the Beastly Wildstar addon a try since you get a free trial for the first 10 levels.

Beastly Wildstar Addons are available in three different packages for a small fee:

Beastly Exile Leveling Addon:  $39

Beastly Dominion Leveling Addon:  $39

Complete Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon Package:  $69


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