Wildstar Leveling Guide

Wildstar Leveling Guide

Learn How To Level Up Fast In Wildstar Online

unofficial_wildstar_leveling_guideIf you are looking for the best way to get to the level cap fast in Wildstar, this guide is just for you. Not only is this a Wildstar Leveling Guide, the author has also including a ton of crafting tips to help you get more gold without having to deal with grinding.

This guide will show you the best quests that will get you the most rewards so you don’t waste you time.  This leveling guide isn’t just for beginners, it can help experienced players as well.  Learn more about what this Wildstar Leveling Guide can do for you below.

Reach The Level Cap In 7 Days

This guide covers leveling for both the Dominion and Exiles factions.  Getting to level 50 is not an easy task and it can take a long time if you don’t know what you are doing.  In this leveling guide you will learn how to get to the level cap in seven days by following the most optimized path through Wildstar.  

This doesn’t mean this guide if full of cheats that would get you banned.  This guide will show you how to play more efficiently by exposing the exact quests you should be taking on for your chosen class and path.  Instead of grinding and wandering around Nexus, you will know exactly where to go to level up faster.

Wildstar Character Builds For Your Play-style

wildstar class guideCreating your character is the first thing you do in Wildstar and probably the most important.  With six races and eight classes to choose from, the combination can be overwhelming at first.  Instead of wasting time with a character build that just isn’t going to work for your play-style, you need to make sure you know what combinations are best.  

This is where this Wildstar Leveling guide comes in handy. You will learn how to choose the best class, race, role, and even sex so you start off the right way the first time.

Wildstar Skills, Paths, and Builds Guide

Once you figure out what Wildstar character you are going to build, you will need to make sure you understand all of the skills, paths, and builds.  Your Wildstar experience will be based on what path you take in the game, so you will want a clear understanding of each and how your chosen class and race fits into that path.  This guide will reveal the best weapons, armor, builds, and skillsets you need for each path based on your class and race.

Wildstar Gold Guide

wildstar gold guideAs with most other popular MMOs, currency is king.  If you want to dominate the game, in particular the PvP game modes, you will need to get the best weapons, pets, potions, weapons, and gear.  Instead of spending real money on these items, this guide will show you exactly how to get tons of gold.  In order to do this, this Wildstar guide will reveal which quests reap the most benefits, what enemies have the best loot drops, and what items you can craft for big profit.

Wildstar Crafting Guide

Wildstar’s crafting system can be very confusing due to its various Tradeskills and Hobbies options.  With the option of only choosing two Tradeskills to train at once, it is very important to know which tradeskills you should focus on.  This crafting guide will give you detailed information into each tradeskill and hobby along with the best places to get the schematics and resources you’ll need to craft. You will also learn which tradeskills and hobbies work best together and for each class and race in the game.

Wildstar PvP Guide

One of the most fun parts of Wildstar Online is the PvP game modes.  If you want to find out how to build the best character for PvP, then this guide is a must.  Instead of searching the different forums online and getting builds from other players, who obviously aren’t going to reveal their best ones, this PvP guide gives you the absolute best builds for PvP.  This guide reveals the best race and role combinations for PvP play and some great tricks and tips to use during your PvP adventures.

Although this is not the official Wildstar Strategy Guide,  it is much better than the written versions you can buy at the game store. This guide is constantly updated so you will always get the latest and greatest tips based on the latest patch or content update.  This guide is currently available for just $37 and is worth every penny.  If you aren’t sure if it will be useful, they offer a 60 day money back guarantee, so there is no reason not to give it a try.

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